Ripples in waterways, slashes of light, blobs of color, crowds of people.  Sometimes stark, other times nuanced, always wrought with metaphor, depicted in content or form or subjectively alluded through the photographer's own words upon capture.  Each image with its accompanying text is a movie frozen while the narration continues.   Each creates a scene that extends in time before and after the observed.

Only after completing a degree in filmmaking did Chris come to realize that his timeblindness might be an obstacle to succeeding in a time-based medium.  His cinematographer's eye, however, could not be deterred.  He simply turned his attention to the still image, capturing what to him are single scenes of real-life cinema going on all around us in perpetuity.  The text serves as voice over narration or dialogue.  Together they are films in single frame, in part or complete.

Please note accompanying image texts are not yet displayed here.  This site is presently being redesigned to allow for images and texts to be displayed together.


Signed and numbered editions will again be available in fall 2024.  A monograph with single frame texts and writings on time will be available in winter 2024.

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