Christopher Michael Howard  when in trouble (or in the presence of Hardy Wilson).

Dad at home in San Francisco.

Howie when in Tennessee or New Mexico.

Chris everywhere else.



Translating the nonverbal tinyness of an individual's human condition into a pictorial form that elicits, for both subject and photographer, connection and understanding.  That is, the portrait.

Excelling In:  

Candid captures and details at events.  You probably won't notice I'm there, but if there's life in the room imma find it. Like a navy seal with a camera.  The day-job part of life-behind-lens.

Secretly Capturing

- Bored women at society events next to alpha males and tech bros yammering on about some bullshit.  

- Slivers/chunks/lines/wisps of hard light

- People or things adjacent to neon signs

- Chemex coffee filters, used, unfolded

- Statements in grafitti

- Ambiguous signs

- The post-industrial landscape

Paid Work

- NY Times

- SF Chronicle

- Dom Perignon 

- San Francisco Symphony

- Stanford University

- Google

- Apple

- North Face

- Genentech

- Wells Fargo

- Likely Your Company, Publication, Or One Very Similar

Art Work: Drift-y blurry time-bend-y landscapes. Big ones. Seen nowhere yet. 

Social Media:  Hell no.  Hive minds and originality are not compatible.  Human relationships require flesh and blood people.  

Instagram is the most efficient way to become creatively generic.  Facebook turns friends/loved ones into in-groups/out-groups.  

My belief system is based on capacity and availability for human connection.  Social media corrupts that.

Zuckerberg you have a standing invite to my place for dinner and a chat about all this nonsense.  I'm ten houses up on the right. I hope I'm wrong.


Contact: Text inquiries to 646-287-3628.  There's also a box to the right you can type in, but I might not see it for several days.  Email is evil.

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